In addition to building dedicated solutions for our clients, we also focus our activities on supporting the Maintenance Departments and Technical Departments of companies from various industries. Each time, we declare dedicated commercial, technical and service care. Thanks to this approach, each of our clients is served quickly and efficiently and has the certainty of the stability of the service team. The Service Agreements we propose are an additional guarantee of emergency service support.

As an expe­rien­ced engi­ne­ering and servi­ce staff, PONAR Pres­su­re, at the customer’s requ­est, per­forms repa­irs, tech­ni­cal inspec­tions and ongo­ing servi­ces for aggre­ga­tes as well as high-pres­su­re equ­ip­ment and acces­so­ries. Our many years of expe­rien­ce guaran­tee a long servi­ce life of the equ­ip­ment during sub­se­qu­ent orders.

If the equ­ip­ment you have does not meet the tech­ni­cal requ­ire­ments and mar­ket demand, ple­ase con­tact us. We offer full sup­port and pro­po­se solu­tions that will help you moder­ni­ze your devices.

In the field of equ­ip­ment moder­ni­za­tion, we pro­vi­de the fol­lo­wing services: 

  • chan­ges in tech­ni­cal parameters; 
  • chan­ges to the cur­rent functionality; 
  • chan­ge of exter­nal dimen­sions, etc.

The sco­pe of gene­ral servi­ces includes: 

  • Perio­dic (main­te­nan­ce) inspections; 
  • Com­pre­hen­si­ve machi­ne sealing; 

– com­pre­hen­si­ve servi­ces for high pres­su­re pumps
– valve block seals
– cylin­der seals
– seals of hydrau­lic and pneu­ma­tic hoses
– seals and inspec­tions of engi­nes of high-pres­su­re units

  • Cle­aning the oil tanks; 
  • Deli­ve­ry of hydrau­lic and pneu­ma­tic hoses with crimping; 
  • Repla­ce­ment of hydrau­lic and pneu­ma­tic hoses; 
  • Oil chan­ge;

– oil sup­ply in accor­dan­ce with the machine’s ope­ra­tion and main­te­nan­ce manu­al or indi­vi­du­al arrangements
– oil fil­tra­tion to the class dec­la­red in the Ope­ra­tion and Main­te­nan­ce Manual
– guaran­tee of reports and tests of inde­pen­dent entities

  • Exten­sion of machi­nes with addi­tio­nal cooling systems; 
  • Exten­sion of machi­nes with addi­tio­nal fil­tra­tion systems; 
  • Work on the client’s indi­vi­du­al request.

PONAR Pres­su­re, thanks to its expe­rien­ce and the expe­rien­ce of our tra­ding part­ners, also has com­pre­hen­si­ve know­led­ge of high-pres­su­re cle­aning on indu­strial instal­la­tions. The­re­fo­re, we pro­vi­de assi­stan­ce in the opti­mi­za­tion of work, i.e. the selec­tion of cle­aning tech­no­lo­gy: pro­cess auto­ma­tion, and thus also acce­le­ra­tion of work, reduc­tion of pro­ject costs, incre­asing ope­ra­tor safety.

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