Water Heater Boxes
Our offer is supplemented by PONARHotBox water heaters. These devices are an ideal solution supporting the scope of supply of PONAR JETtrolley high-pressure units with working pressure parameters up to 500 bar

As a manu­fac­tu­rer of high-pres­su­re units, we also offer com­ple­men­ta­ry devi­ces. In the case of high pres­su­re units with a wor­king pres­su­re up to 500 bar, we also recom­mend the use of water heaters in situ­ations whe­re this is requ­ired. Thanks to the­ir use, in most cases, we obta­in bet­ter quali­ty in cle­aning works.

The solu­tion in the form of the use of a water heater is most often used during cle­aning works of gre­asy and oily ele­ments, etc. The neces­si­ty to use water heaters for high-pres­su­re units is con­fir­med by our points. For this pur­po­se, we also dec­la­re our readi­ness to show a DEMO on the ele­ments. Thus, each of our clients rece­ives the best data for the right deci­sion rela­ted to the need to use or discon­ti­nue work with the Hot­Box device.

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