FEEDERbox 3in1 Cleaning System STD
FEEDERbox 3in1 Cleaning System STD is a complete set of FEEDER group elements designed for cleaning heat exchangers, incl. in power plants, combined heat and power plants and petrochemical plants.

The sys­tem includes:

  • com­plex auto­ma­tic tri­ple feeder for fle­xi­ble lan­ce FEEDERbox 3in1 with dedi­ca­ted sin­gle pneu­ma­tic drive

  • com­ple­te ALU fra­me STD for posi­tio­ning and sta­bi­li­za­tion with a spe­cial flan­ge hol­der and a wor­king area of ​​150 x 150 cm

  • CP (Con­trol Panel),

  • a set of keys for assembly,
  • manu­al user instruc­tions EN

The com­ple­te ALU fra­me STD for posi­tio­ning and sta­bi­li­za­tion has:

  • spe­cial flan­ge hol­der for moun­ting to the heat exchanger

  • trans­port handles:

  • air motors

  • wor­king area: 150 x 150 cm

con­trol panel (CP):

  • on /​ off switch
  • spe­ed switch (fast /​ slow)
  • motion con­trol: left /​ right
  • move­ment con­trol: up /​ down
  • lan­ce move­ment: for­ward /​ bac­kward
  • inte­gra­ted safe­ty button
  • spi­ral pneu­ma­tic hose 5m

Exam­ple of using FEEDERbox 3in1 Cle­aning Sys­tem STD

Using this kit, you can work with vario­us types of manipulators:

  • FEEDERcom­bo x2,
  • FEEDERcom­bo x3,
  • FEEDERcom­bo x4,
  • FEEDERbox 3in1

The FEEDERbox 3in1 mani­pu­la­tor includes:

  • 3 x front guide pipes, 0.5 m

  • 3 pcs. – com­ple­te sets of addi­tio­nal acces­so­ries for vario­us lan­ce diameters:

✓ front hose cat­cher rings [mm]: 8,5/10/12/13/14/15,

✓ end stop [mm]: 8/9,5/11,5/12,6/13,3/14,6,

✓ front cone [mm]: 12/​14/​18/​20/​23,

✓ trans­mi­sion belt,

  • com­ple­te air pre­pa­ra­tion unit with a 5 m cable

Wor­king with this kit is not only safer, but much more effi­cient than the tra­di­tio­nal cle­aning method.

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