Hydraulic Extractors IDRO
Since 2017 we have been an authorised and sole trade partner of the Italian producer of hydraulic extractors, IDROJET company. Our offer also includes services related to construction of extractors according to individual Customer requirements as to the length and weight of heat exchangers.

Extrac­tors are devi­ces inten­ded for extrac­ting and inser­ting pipe inserts of heat exchan­gers. They are made as a fra­me hung with a band to a hook of a work cra­ne. Extrac­tor is equ­ip­ped with a hydrau­lic power pack with an inter­nal com­bu­stion dri­ve. Addi­tio­nal­ly, the devi­ce can be equ­ip­ped with an exten­der allo­wing work with inserts of gre­ater length.

The devi­ce is remo­te­ly con­trol­led by using a con­so­le con­nec­ted by cords to the elec­tro-hydrau­lic installation.

IDRO hydrau­lic extrac­tors type:

Pull & Push z silnikiem Diesla
Pull & Push z silnikiem pneumatycznym
SUPER CLEVER IdroKid do 25 t
SUPER IdroKid do 35 t
SUPER IdroKid do 45 t
MEGA IdroKid do 45 t
SUPER MEGA IdroKid do 65 t
SUPER MEGA IdroKid 2 do 75 t
EXTRA BIG IdroKid do 100 t
SUPER BIG IdroKid do 100 T
Samojezdny ekstraktor od 25 do 40 t
Samojezdny ekstraktor od 22 do 25 t
Ekstraktor do 10 t zabudowany na samochodzie
Ekstraktor z ramieniem do 50 t
Ekstraktor nożycowy od 10 do 22 t


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